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For The Third Time In History White Giraffe’s Spotted

giraffe status changed

For just the third time in the history of mankind, extremely rare white giraffes have been spotted and filmed in Kenya recently. Conservation rangers were stunned to discover the albino giraffes near the Ishaqbini conservation area in Garissa County. The rangers had heard rumours of a pair of white giraffes and finally spotted them earlier this year.

The animals were calm

Hirola Conservation Project experts who had witnessed the sighting wrote in a blog post that they managed to get very close to the animals who seemed to be extremely calm and undisturbed by their presence. According to the experts the giraffes have a condition known as leucism which is a loss of the pigmentation of the original skin colour of the animals.

The condition is known as leucism

During the sighting, the rangers managed to film close-ups of the patterns which were barely there and are known as reticulates which are usually found on the skin of a giraffes. The rangers said whilst they were observing the magnificent long necked animals looking at them, they could not help but notice that their skin was filled with reticulates that had faded. It was obvious that the colouration, particularly with the mother giraffe was not as conspicuous as with her offspring.

Sightings have occurred over the last year

As stated earlier, this is only the third time in history that a white giraffe has been spotted. The first sightings came in January 2016 in Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park. Later that year in March a second sighting was reported in the same area where the mother giraffe and her calf were seen during this year.

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Rescued Tiger Cub At San Diego Zoo Gets A New Friend


Last month a teenager was caught allegedly trying to smuggle a tiger cub into the United States from Mexico and the cub was sent to the San Diego Zoo. Fortunately for the seized cub, he has a new friend. A 9-week old male Sumatran tiger cub from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. was flown in to join the Bengal tiger cub that was confiscated at the Mexican border. The Sumatran tiger cub has been fed by humans since the start of August because the mother stopped feeding it either because she wasn’t producing enough milk or had completely ceased milk production altogether.

Cubs mother stopped displaying maternal behaviour

The Sumatran tiger mother who is called Damai started displaying aggressive behaviour towards her offspring when the little fella tried to nurse, officials at the National Zoo said. This meant the cub had to be separated from his mother and whilst the cub did express a desire to see his mother, she failed to reciprocate. Craig Saffoe who is the big cat’s curator at the National Zoo said he hand his team felt mixed about sending the cub to San Diego.

Cub’s caretakers did everything they could to keep mum and son together

Mr Saffoe said as the cub’s caretakers, his team has done everything it could to enable him to survive and socialise with his mother so he can grow up to be a big strong tiger. Now that his mother has ceased all maternal behaviour, the best option was to pair the critter with the cub at San Diego. Mr Saffoe says having another cub that is the same age to interact with will help both animals. They will be able to play with one another and learn how to be tiger’s together.

Bengal tiger seized at the US border

As we have reported on this blog, the Bengal tiger was rescued at the end of August by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials who found the cub whilst they were inspecting a vehicle attempting to enter the United States from Mexico. Wildlife officials then took the 2-month old cub to the San Diego Zoo where vets examined him and found him to be in excellent health. He has remained at the zoo ever since. The teenager who allegedly tried to smuggle the cub in was later charged in Federal court for the offence.

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Teenager Buys Bengal Tiger Cub For $300 On Streets Of Tijuana

amur tiger

A teenager from California who claims he purchased a Bengal tiger cub on the streets of Tijuana for US$300 was arrested as he tried to enter the United States with the tiger cub in his 2017 Chevy Camaro. Luis Eudoro Valencia was charged with attempting to smuggle a Bengal tiger into the United States after the furry cub was found lying on the floor of the passenger side of his vehicle during an inspection by Customs and Border Protection agents.

Tigers seized in Mexico

Pete Flores director of field operations for Customs and Border Protection said officers of the agency often come across unusual situations. The 18-year-old US citizen said he purchased the cub for $300 from someone who was walking a full-grown tiger on a leash in Tijuana court documents reveal. A number of Bengal tigers which are native to South Asia have been seized recently by authorities in Mexico.

Tigers on leashes

US Fish & Wildlife Service officials took custody of the cub and then handed over the cub to the San Diego Zoo. Earlier in the year, Mexican authorities seized a Bengal tiger in Tijuana after a resident reported to police that a man was walking a full-grown tiger on a dog leash through the neighbourhood. According to officials involved in the seizure, the tiger had been living in a private residence with children.

Mexico prohibits ownership of exotic pets

In another incident later in the year, officials in Mexico seized a nine-month old Bengal tiger again in Tijuana after the cub fell from a terrace on the third floor on to the patio of a neighbour. The tiger apparently survived the fall and was in good health. Circuses in Mexico have been trying to get rid of their exotic animals following the enactment of a law in 2015 which prohibits their display. Drug lords in the country have also been known to keep big cats as pets.

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Police Shoot And Kill Escaped Bengal Tiger In Atlanta Suburb

Tiger Poaching On The Rise

Police in the US state of Georgia has to go big game hunting earlier this month. The Georgia police shot and killed a Bengal tiger after the animal nearly made a meal of a homeowner’s dog authorities said. The wild ride began following 911 calls by at least two people who reported that they had seen the big cat lurking in the Atlanta suburb of Stockbridge at about 6 a.m. said police department captain Joey Smith.

No time to waste

The police then alerted animal control offers after spotting the tiger however there was no time to wait after the tiger suddenly tried to attack a dog in someone’s backyard. Captain Smith said this resulted in officers using force to put the tiger down. The tiger was shot and killed and so far, it is not known how the tiger came to be in the area.

Pet dog went nuts

The owner of the dog Ms Brittney Speck said her dog was going nuts in her backyard when she was awoken by the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. Ms Speck said she caught a glimpse of the tiger which she said was full grown and was in her neighbour’s yard minutes before it attacked her dog. She adds that the police began firing rounds taking the tiger down and returning her dog to her in the aftermath.

First time for everything

Captain Smith who has 24 years of law enforcement experience said it was the first time he has ever had such an encounter whilst on the job. He added that over the years he had received some weird calls but this particular call was definitely unusual. Authorities added there were no reported injuries as a result of the incident.

Unable to locate tiger’s owner

Mark McKinnon a spokesperson for Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division said his agency is working with other state and local authorities to find the owner of the tiger. He said investigators are working on a number of active leads but so far have been unable to locate the individual. He added that there are no records of there ever having been an escaped Bengal tiger in Georgia.

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Baby Rhino Swept Away By South Asian Floods Rescued

Kenya Raises The Stakes In The Fight Against Poaching

An endangered one horned rhino that had found itself caught up in the flooding and was swept across the Nepali border into India has been found and brought home. The rhino which is a young female was rescued around 42 kilometres in away from its home in the Chitwan National Park. The rhino ended up near the Indian village of Bagah and was very lucky to be found because there are four more rhinos that are still missing with one dead following the devastating flooding in the region.

Widespread damage

Intense monsoon rains have resulted in widespread damage across South Asia including Nepal, Bangladesh and some parts of Northern India over the last few weeks. In the Chitwan Valley of Nepal which serves as home to the National Park and its more than 600 rhinos, the effects of flooding have been bad. A couple of weeks ago, dozens of elephants and rafts were sent to rescue approximately 500 people who had become trapped in the area. A team of 40 Nepali officials were sent to rescue the two-and-a-half-year-old rhino and bring her home from India.

Indian forestry officials helped

The park’s Deputy Warden Nurendra Aryal said that they were successfully able to bring the baby rhino back with the assistance of Indian forestry officials and hundreds of people came out to watch. The rhino was found at a sugarcane farm near the Northern Indian village and was sedated with the help of a tranquilliser dart and was then brought back in a truck Mr Aryal said.

Rhinos still missing

There are still four rhinos missing though officials say that two are located inside a protected tiger conservation in India that borders the Chitwan district. Two others are also in sugarcane fields in the Nepali district Nawalparsai. Unfortunately, another baby rhino was found dead. According to Mr Aryal the remaining rhinos in India would be rescued when the flooding recedes. Every year the monsoon season takes place between June and September and causes floods across the region. In the Indian state of Assam six rhinos have drowned following flooding at the Kaziranga National Park.

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