Photographer Gets A Shock Whilst Trying To Take A Lion Picture

Posted on January 18th 2020

Lions On The Lose In Nairobi

A British photographer had the “shock of his life” whilst taking pictures of a lion whilst on safari in Kenya. Gren Sowerby managed to avoid being attacked and instead got a smile from the lion. The 69-year-old photographer was in the Maasai Mara last year and leant in to photograph the king of the jungle when it let out an enormous roar

More surprises to follow

Mr Sowerby said he was shocked by the roar and was even more surprised when the lion smiled at him as if he was playing a joke. He adds that he was somewhere between 10 to 15 meters away from the lion and a lioness that had a kill in the bushes and believes the roar was to let anyone interested to know that he was full. The photographer continued to photograph the apex predator but said he was a little intimidated by the sheer size of the lion.

Lions known to be playful

Nevertheless Mr. Sowerby says is really pleased with his photos and adds that when there is an opportunity to photograph the King of the Jungle, it must be taken, so he is very happy that he managed to take the shot. Whilst lions are amongst the most dangerous apex predators on the planet, it is not unusual to act in a playful manner. Only recently a small lion cub scared his mum by casually walking behind her and then pouncing surprising the adult lioness.

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