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There has been an 80% decline in Hawksbill turtles over 3 generations.

Adopt a Turtle and help WWF to protect their future.

Adopt a Turtle Adopt a Turtle

Adopt a Turtle
with WWF

Adopt and receive a cuddly toy Turtle, a fun and educational WWF adoption gift pack, adoption certificate and a lovely animal video call background, plus updates on your animal three times a year.

Adopt a Turtle Gift Pack

from £3.00/pm

Adopt a Turtle Cuddly Toy

Adopt and receive a cuddly toy of your Turtle.

Adopt a Turtle Gift Pack

Get a fun and educational WWF adoption gift pack.

Regular Updates

Updates three times a year, plus a WWF image to use as a background on video calls.

Every year over 250,000 marine turtles drown by becoming entangled in fishing lines and nets that choke the world's oceans.

Marine turtles are in serious danger. There are a total of seven species and it is reckoned that at least six of those are at risk of extinction. This should not come as much of a surprise because despite female adults laying lots of eggs, it is estimated that just 1 in 1,000 hatchlings survive and mature into adults. Marine turtles are amazing creatures, navigating across thousands of kilometres as they migrate between where they feed and where they nest. Whilst male turtles never come ashore, female turtles return to the exact same beach where they themselves hatched. Unfortunately for Hawksbill turtles there has been an 80% decline in their population over the last three generations.

When you adopt you help WWF to run programmes to protect turtles such as the Hawksbill which live in the waters around Fiji. Their females return each year to nest on Talice beach, on the uninhabited island of Yadua Taba. WWF use painless flipper tags to track and record the turtles’ locations. This helps them to find out more about their movement patterns and also enables them to share the knowledge to help their endangered species throughout the world.

With your adoption you help to:

Whilst marine turtles live in the ocean, they are actually reptiles and need to surface in order to breathe. Often what happens is as they swim up to the surface, they become trapped in fishing gear and end up drowning. This is completely unnecessary. WWF promote the use of less harmful fishing gear which can cut the number of turtles that are captured accidentally by as much as 80%.

Unfortunately, even aquatic animals suffer from human-induced habitat destruction. The turtle is unique in the sense that the female turtle needs to lay her eggs on a very specific beach. Coastlines are often prime real estate and end up being developed which results in the destruction of nesting beaches and with them any possibility for females to lay their eggs. By adopting a turtle, you will be helping WWF create and expand marine protected areas so this doesn’t happen.

In some cultures, turtles are prized for their meat and some locals will raid turtle nests for eggs which are considered to be a delicacy. Education can offer some respite to this difficult situation. By adopting a turtle, you will be helping to fund the efforts of WWF as it seeks to educate local communities about the importance of managing and conserving their natural resources which includes ensuring that marine turtles continue to survive. Your money will also be used to enhance the efforts of law enforcement in the prevention of illegal trade in turtles.

It’s no secret that sea levels are rising. Increasing temperatures are also wreaking havoc on the weather. Rising sea levels combined with increased frequency and intensity of storms is causing damage and destruction of nesting beaches. Without these beaches eggs will not be laid and it doesn’t take much to work out what impact that will have on turtle populations. By adopting a turtle you can help fund WWF’s efforts in its fight against climate change and hopefully mitigate its impact on a species that is at serious risk of disappearing.

Adopt a Turtle Adopt a Turtle
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Adopt a Turtle Gift Pack

Adopt a Turtle Gift Pack


Adopt a Turtle and the recipient gets a beautiful gift pack to let them know just how much you care about them.

Gift Pack Includes:

  • An optional cuddly toy of your Turtle.
  • Choose from an adult or under 12's Turtle welcome pack.
  • Regular adoption updates, sent three times a year.
  • A certificate to frame your commitment to WWF (downloadable for you to print off at home).
  • A fun background of your Turtle to use on video calls.

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Adopt a Turtle with WWF

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Turtle Facts

Turtle Facts

  1. Turtles are reptiles and like all reptiles this means the turtle is cold blooded.
  2. The hard shell that protects the turtle like a shield is known as a carapace.
  3. In some species of turtle, the egg temperature determines the sex of the offspring. Lower temperatures produce male turtles, whilst higher temperatures produce females.
  4. Only one in one thousand baby sea turtles survive into adulthood because they are a source of food for other marine animals and birds.
  5. Turtles have been present on Earth for over 200 million years!
  6. When you adopt a turtle with WWF you can help to protect hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead, flatback, olive ridley, Kemp’s ridley and green turtles from danger.