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Is Artificial Insemination Bad for Conservation?

Could technology actually hinder conservation? Recently a lion cub was born in Singapore Zoo using artificial insemination. This was reported as a success for wildlife conservation, but is that actually true? Labelling it as a success for conservation against the backdrop of destruction to biodiversity in the wild could be very misleading.

Thousands Of Sea Turtles Rescued

Volunteers have rallied to help save thousands of sea turtles washed up on beaches around South Padre island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ocean Pollution and Human Health

A recent study published by Boston College in the US provides an assessment of ocean pollution on human health. It is often reported that ocean pollution is worsening but to what extent does that impact our wellbeing as well as marine life?

Attenborough’s Extinction: The Facts

September 2020 saw the release of the BBC’s film Extinction : The Facts, presented by David Attenborough. The film confronts biodiversity destruction and what that means for of us and what needs to change.

WWF Launch New ‘My Footprint’ App

WWF have launched their ‘My Footprint’ App targeting the way we live and the food we eat in an effort to reduce global destruction.It is becoming increasingly clear that humans need to change the way we do things as we’re pushing climate change to the brink.

Male Elephants – Leaders Not Loners?

Recent study has found that male African elephants have more of a social role in ‘elephant society’ than previously thought.

Wildlife in ‘Catastrophic Decline’

Wildlife populations have fallen by more than 2 thirds in less than 50 years according to major report by WWF. This alarming decline shows no sign of slowing.Tanya Steele, chief executive at WWF, declared that human activity such as burning forests, over fishing seas, and destroying wild areas is pushing wildlife populations to the brink.

World Orangutan Day – 10 Amazing Orangutan Facts

World Orangutan Day was celebrated on the 19th August. To mark the occasion we have put together 10 great orangutan facts.