WWF Tiger Conservation

The wide range within which the iconic tiger lives in the wild is coming under threat. Tigers need a lot of space to roam and to hunt. They can be found in vast areas within India, Nepal, China and Russia. However their range is being constantly eroded.

Climate change threatens habitats

The tigers forest home is under threat. Climate change is bringing about a greater risk of extreme weather such as floods, draughts, and wildfires, which puts pressure on the tigers habitat.

It is important to remember that tigers aren’t the only dwellers in these forests. They are the apex predators, but there are many other animals living there, including people. These forests are crucial ecosystems without which we would witness catastrophic natural disaster.

Protecting tigers protects habitats

WWF has made a point of stating that protecting tigers also protects their forest homes. That in turn helps the whole ecosystem, with all the other flora and fauna that goes towards making it a diverse habitat. That includes the humans that live in or near the forests.

Tiger habitats overlap nine of Asia’s watersheds, supplying water to over 800 million people. Protecting tigers therefore protects so much more…

  • It protects river basins that provide water to millions of people
  • It protects forests that stabilise land against extreme weather and flooding
  • It protects the home of other wildlife
  • It protects forests that help fight climate change by storing carbon

WWF are calling for people to make a positive impact this Christmas. Supporting their tiger related projects gives support to protecting and reconnecting forests across Asia, for tigers and other wildlife. In certain areas tiger numbers are on the up, and WWF needs further support to help this trend to continue.

If you would like to find out more about supporting WWF’s Tiger conservation please visit our Adopt a Tiger page.

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