We bring you the latest from around the World in wildlife and conservation news.

Orphaned Elephants Have Stress Levels Measured

Researchers in Kenya believed that orphaned elephants would be more stressed than those that were not orphaned.

Lions Rescued From Ukraine

An organisation called Warriors of Wildlife has come to the rescue of a pride of nine lions trapped in the Bio Park Zoo, in Odessa, Ukraine. The rescue has been labelled the largest big cat rescue from an active war zone.

Ivory Trade Ban In UK

Wildlife campaigners and conservationists celebrated earlier this month when the long awaited ban on the ivory trade finally came in to force in the UK.

Orangutans Released Into The Wild

The Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance have released two endangered Bornean orangutans into the Busana reserve, one of the last remaining habitats for orangutans in Borneo.

Polar Bears In Southern Greenland

Polar bears are being found in territory not thought suitable to sustain their needs. Southern Greenland was not an area thought to be habitable by polar bears but yet there they are.

Supporting Rhino Conservation

Rhino’s are one of the world’s most iconic species that is critically under threat. Here are 5 Rhino facts showcasing this beautiful animal, and information on how you can help support WWF in rhino conservation.

30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is an event taking place during June that encourages people to get outdoors. The idea is to put people in touch with nature.

Threat Of Mass Ocean Extinction

In the next 100 years or more we are heading towards losing unprecedented marine life due to climate change.