Adopt an Animal
with WWF

and help protect Wildlife from £3.00/pm

The perfect gift to show a loved one you care
and to help protect wildlife.

WWF Adopt an Animal WWF Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal
with WWF

Choose from 14 animals to adopt with WWF and receive a fun and educational gift pack including a cuddly toy, factbook, adoption certificate and a lovely animal video call background.

WWF Adopt an Animal Gift Pack

from £3.00/pm

WWF Adopt an Animal Cuddly Toy

Adopt and receive a cuddly toy of your animal

WWF Adopt an Animal Gift Pack

Get a fun and educational WWF adoption gift pack.

Regular Updates

Updates three times a year, plus a WWF image to use as a background on video calls.

Choose your animal

Wildlife populations have now plummeted by 68% since 1970.
Your adoption gift will help to protect animals and their habitat.

Adopt a Penguin

It is predicted there will be a 30% decline in penguin numbers by 2070.

Adopt an Elephant

We have lost 90% of African elephants in the past century.

Adopt a Panda

It is estimated that only 1,860 giant pandas remain in the wild today.

Adopt a Tiger

There are less than 4,500 tigers left in the Wild.

WWF Go Wild!

An interactive membership to help kids learn about the natural world & have fun!

Adopt a Polar Bear

By 2050, their numbers may decline by 30% due to the rapid loss of sea ice.

Adopt an Orangutan

Orangutans have declined by around 50% in the last 60 years.

Adopt a Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is a vulnerable species, with as little as 4,000 left in the wild.

Adopt a Rhino

Two African rhinos are killed by poaching every day in South Africa.

Adopt a Turtle

There has been an 80% decline in Hawksbill turtles over 3 generations.

Adopt a Mountain Gorilla

This primate is endangered with only around 1,063 left in the wild.

Adopt a Leopard

Amur leopards are critically endangered with only around 120 left in the wild.

Adopt a Jaguar

Jaguars now occupy less than half of their historic habitat.

Wildlife populations have now plummeted by 68% since 1970 according to the WWF's 2020 Living Planet report.

This includes more than 4,000 species of mammal, bird, fish, reptile and amphibian. Key causes of these terrible statistics are manmade factors including climate change, deforestation and pollution.

WWF is a global conservation organisation dedicated to reversing these trends by protecting the natural environment and the animals that depend on it. When you adopt an animal with WWF you are helping to fund their vital conservation work by making a regular payment from just £3.00 a month – that’s pretty much the cost of a cup of coffee.

With your adoption you help to:

The populations of many species have fallen dramatically since the turn of the 20th century. Some, like the tiger, have been hunted to near extinction. Others, like the orangutan, have simply lost their homes as forests have been cleared to make way for agriculture or development. Adopting an animal will provide WWF with the money it needs to help keep these species around in the wild for future generations to enjoy.

Some of the most important work WWF does is the preservation and restoration of natural habitats. We have lost many species because humans increasingly encroach on their habitat. This is not something that is an inevitable consequence of growing populations. With a little planning and education, this needless destruction can be avoided. By adopting an animal you will be contributing to the protection of wild habitats of many endangered species.

Perhaps the single greatest threat to many critically endangered species like the rhino or the elephant is illegal poaching. Adopting an animal will provide WWF with the money it needs to help fund anti-poaching patrols and purchase equipment such as drone technology that can be used to keep animals protected.

In some parts of the world people like to keep wild animals as pets and in some cultures animal body parts are considered to have medicinal value. This means that some animals are captured and sold on the black market whilst others are simply killed for their body parts even though there is no scientific evidence suggesting they have any medicinal value. By adopting an animal you will be helping to fund WWF’s efforts in stopping the wildlife trade, lobbying governments to enforce bans and educate the public. Hopefully all of that will reduce the demand and lead to less needless killing of animals.

WWF Adopt an Animal WWF Adopt an Animal
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Your gift pack will be delivered within the UK FREE of charge. Your package will be sent out within 2 business days, but please allow up to 5 days for delivery.

WWF Adopt an Animal Certificate

Last Minute Gift?

Order today and you can download your WWF adoption certificate. The adoption gift pack with cuddly toy will then be received within 10 days of purchase.

WWF Adopt an Animal Gift Pack

WWF Adoption Gift Pack


Adopt an animal and the recipient gets a beautiful gift pack to let them know just how much you care about them.

Gift Pack Includes:

  • An optional cuddly toy of your animal.
  • Choose from an adult or under 12's welcome pack.
  • Regular adoption updates, sent three times a year.
  • A certificate to frame your commitment to WWF (downloadable for you to print off at home).
  • A fun background of your animal to use on video calls.

About WWF

Registered Charity Number: 1081247

WWF is a global conservation organisation dedicated to protecting the natural environment and the animals that depend on it. The organisation was first established in 1961 in the UK, but now operates in more than 100 countries and has over 5 million members around the world.

WWF seeks to stop habitat destruction, prevent human animal conflict, end the illegal trade in wildlife and their body parts as part of its efforts to protect wildlife. The organisation tries to restore habitats, promote sustainable development for local communities who depend on natural resources and lobbies governments on behalf of wildlife protection.

WWF Conservation
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Adopt an Animal with WWF

Show a loved one you care by helping to protect endangered animals around the world.

from just £3.00/mth

> Choose your animal

Animal News

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Wildlife Friendly Farming

A farm in Hillesden in the UK has experimented with trying to grow the same amount of food it usually does while simultaneously giving over some of its land to nature.

UK Pledges £4m To Endangered Species

The UK government has pledged to give £4m of funding to the International Consortium on Combatting Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).